Log Hill Volunteer Fire Department





The Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District has recently completed a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) that addresses issues specific to the Log Hill Mesa area. Among other things, an approved CWPP makes property owners eligible for tax deductions and grants for fire mitigation expenses.  The Log Hill Fire CWPP is available at:  Log Hill Fire CWPP.  It may also be downloaded:  Log Hill Fire CWPP  [ZIP file_18.9 MB]

Of particular interest to property owners, the CWPP:

You are urged to consult the CWPP for your property and review the recommended measures for reducing fire risk and making it easier for firefighters to defend your property. These include adding reflective addresses to enable responders to find your property, assuring your driveway provides adequate access to fire department apparatus, removing dead vegetation, pruning lower tree limbs, thinning heavy vegetation near homes, and increasing defensible space.

Appendix B of the CWPP provides a helpful graphic describing things property owners can do to reduce wildfire risk and improve the chances for defending homes.

The Log Hill CWPP is an appendix of the Ouray County CWPP which covers the entire county.  The Ouray County CWPP is located at: Ouray County CWPP.



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