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The Fire Department on Log Hill Mesa had its embryonic beginnings in April, 1976. A group of 20+ interested neighbors met to lay the foundation to form a non-profit corporation. Gordon Logan was elected Acting Fire Chief and chaired the early meetings. Hank and Bea Frenze leased the Department one-acre of their property on CR#22 at the request of Logan. The lease rate was $1.00/year for ten years at which time it would be deeded to the planned Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District.

Since the Corporation would have no taxing authority, the money to operate the Corporation would have to come from donations and fund-raising events. The members of the Women's Auxiliary and the Fortuna Tierra Club made vital contributions to the successful fund-raising activities of this new organization.

The first fire truck was a 1,000 gal. tanker on loan from the Forest Service - it was on-hand July, 1976. By that time the firehouse was under construction at the CR#22 site. The truck was moved to the firehouse in October, 1976.

In December, 1976, the tax-exempt number was received from the Colorado Department of Revenue and the Corporation papers were approved and registered. From the get-go, the firehouse also was to be the Community Center - it was used extensively for that purpose through the mid-1980s. Work continued on the firehouse construction in preparation for its dedication in August, 1977.

In August, 1977, a fast response fire truck was built using an old Army weapons carrier by installing a 200-gallon water tank donated by the Ridgway Fire Department along with a pump and hose. It was in operation by July 1979.

A committee was formed in early 1978 to lay the groundwork for establishing the Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District. In November, 1979, confirmation was received that the District was approved by the State Office of Local Government. This now gave the District the authority to set a mil levy to finance the Fire Department.

Housing construction in Log Hill Village was underway by the late 1970s. Resident George Nelson led the effort to construct Firehouse #2. Beginning in September, 1980, Nelson held fundraising and organized a volunteer building crew to construct the firehouse. The construction proceeded rapidly so that a truck could be stationed there.

With time, additional fire trucks and equipment were obtained which increased the capability of the volunteer firefighters to provide protection to the District.

Beginning in 1999, a major upgrading effort was undertaken. By a vote of the residents, the mil tax levy was increased which permitted the purchase of a new pumper truck and the construction of a new firehouse at the CR 22 site.

From 2001 to the present, fund raising events enabled the Department to purchase the most up-to-date equipment and facilities available for the firefighters. The construction of the new building at Firehouse #2 site was a major accomplishment of the LHMFPD Board of Directors.

A more detailed history of the LHVFD is available at: www.loghillhistory.com.


Log Hill Volunteer Fire Department publicly recognizes the selfless service of the following retired Firefighters over an extended period of at least ten years of active service to their community and Log Hill Mesa.

Kenneth Hanson John Petty
George Nelson  Donald Dunham
Oscar Gerstung Robert Kindschi
Ronald Hoeksema Edward Bosworth
Frank Starr Jack Rairden (19 Years)
Steve Wolff (20 Years) Ronald Ringo (19 Years)
William Bennett John W. Nelson
Timothy Ahearn August Dean
Fred McKnight  Randy Gregory
John Boughner Carl McClung
Tom Conner Tim Caton
Bill Stowers Dick Kreutzen
Steve King Mike Livsey
Charles Carson Jeff Katz
Steve Furstenfeld  


Fire Chiefs

The following individuals served as the Chief, Log Hill Fire for the time indicated:

Gordon Logan (1976 – 1979) Fred Satariano (1979 – 1986)
Bob Miller (1986 -  1990) Donald Dunham (1990 – 1993)
Frank Starr (1994 – 1998) Bill Bennett (1999 – 2001)
Larry Leeper (2001 – 2003) John Rogers (2003 – Present)


Chief’s Award

The following individuals received the Chief’s Award as the Firefighter of the Year for their outstanding contributions to Log Hill Fire:

Will Coulter 2001 Greg Stith 2002
Peter Sauer 2003 Carl McClung 2004
Bill Bennett 2005 John Boughner 2007
Tom Austin 2007 Marian Austin 2009
Jack Rairden 2010 Dick Kreutzen 2011
Charles Carson 2011 Bryan Dowdy 2012
Steve Wolff 2013 Steve King 2014
Tony Gualtieri 2015 John Rogers 2016
Jeff Katz 2017 Scott Taylor 2018
Tom Austin 2019  



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